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Welcome to Nokia! Your mind flashed to Nokia Phones..Right!! You will love to know Nokia story. As it has been seen since time immemorial that civilizations were established near some river or source of water. Same way Nokia in Finland is a town on the banks of Nokianvirta river. In 1865  Nokia as company was born at this town. Origin of this Finnish word Nokia comes from ‘Noki’ which has been interpreted as a fur animal of Finland named ‘Sable’.

Starting from wood pulp mill Nokia brought electronic and telecom GSM phones in 1989 bringing a revolution in the cell phone and  boom in the market in the year 2000 with coming of Androids and now smartphones. Joining hands with Microsoft in 2011 branded Nokia Lumia device came into existence. ‘Lumi’ in Finnish means snow and really this remarkable Lumia phones have technology packed to give variety and striking characteristics.

We bring to you information about latest Nokia brands, features, products, various apps and guide to support you in the journey of Nokia phones. Also for the gaming dudes we have mobile pokies compatible to Nokia phones for fun and entertainment. Get Set Go and Enjoy!!