What Are The Popular Loose Pokies To Play On Your Mobile?

What are loose pokies to play on your mobile

You must have heard of terms such as loose pokies, tight pokies,  hot pokies, or cold pokies at casinos Well all pokies machines in reputed casinos are certified and have been checked for their software and the hardware for compliance with the regulations by regulatory and independent labs. These all terms are marketing terms used by the casinos to attract pokies players. 

What does it mean by loose pokies?

Often casinos call a machine loose to suggest that you will be more likely to score on this one. It doesn’t mean the machine is programmed to pay out more than it takes in, otherwise, you’d see them wheeling it out of the casino pretty quickly. If it has any meaning, it will be that there is quite a high theoretical RTP close to but not above 100% but also high volatility, meaning fewer but larger payouts.

Most likely in practice, a game like this will be marketed at punters who are less risk-averse and like to chase big wins. Pokies designers will use the volatility to give the game occasional big payout spikes and some people will be lucky enough to get one quite early on, so they are ‘up’ quickly. Of course the distribution of these wins is random, and player behaviour is unpredictable like a big winner might cash out straight away, but generally the RTP of below 100% means the casino will eventually earn its money back.

What does it mean by tight pokies?

Tight pokies, on the other hand, are like progressive pokiess which would reward you a Mega win of say $1,000,000 in one spin but the chances of hitting the jackpot on progressive pokies are similar to winning in the lottery. The casinos promote them and their huge jackpots in order to attract players, but for every player that hits the jackpot, 1,000,000 players loose all their bankroll.

Which pokies are loose?

Old pokies machines tend to be looser than the new ones. The reason behind this rule is simple: most of the players that visit the “New Pokiess” section of the casino are the regular players, the loyal customers that are checking the new game. The casinos are aware of that. They know that new pokiess is what the regular players are looking for and it’s very unlikely for them to abandon the casino after few bad sessions on the “exiting- one of the kind- special-new” pokies machine and take advantage of that.

So what should you look for when wanting loose pokies to play. Always look for old pokies machines as they are looser than the exciting ones with special graphics and effects. The reason behind it is that the casinos like to post that their payout is up to 97%/-98%/-99%/ . But that doesn’t mean that all pokiess pay 99%, though still there are one or few that do have that payout. The highest chances to find that pokies are between the no more noticed pokiess, the ones that now no one plays.

How to find loose pokies to enjoy?

Well, there are lots of myths involved in finding the loose pokies machines at the casino. Some will say you to find them near the casino entrance (land casinos I am talking about) or such machines are placed in the end of the line or in the middle so on and so forth. But all these are rumors spread by players and there are certain guidelines that you can follow in order to find loose pokiess and avoid the tight ones like finding the popular pokies machines that are having more players, timing the machine, not playing for too long and more of such kind tips to follow.

 So what about online casinos? Online the situation is a bit more simple since many pokies developers publish the expected return on their machines and you need to look out the paytables when playing. You have now understood about what is loose pokies and time to play and enjoy.

What are the popular loose pokies to play on your mobile?

Below find below the wonderful and popular loose pokies by three brand software to play on your mobile and their official payout rate.

1. Cosmic Quest

Cosmic Quest Pokies
Cosmic Quest Pokies

RTP: 98.5%

Software: Rival

Cosmic quest is a 5 reel, 20 lines game. The minimum bet you require is 0.01 per spin and goes up to $ 50. The reason for the high payout is the high Free spins feature and the expanding Wilds. If you land 3 or more Jackpot Jetpack icons you will get 10,25 or 50 free spins. All free spins wins are doubled. This pokies is provided by Rival software that brings out superb pokiess, with high payouts and medium/high volatility which is perfect combination to generate nice winnings.

2. Good Girl Bad Girl

Good girl bad girl pokies
Good girl bad girl pokies

RTP: 97.8%

Software BetSoft.

Good Girl Bad Girl is one of the best online pokiess of all times as you can control the volatility of the game. You can pick the Good mode and you have more frequent payouts of lower nature and on the Bad mode you get a high volatility pokies with less payouts, but higher chances to win big.

Bet Soft is well known brand gaming software that brings you this pokies to enjoy. Also popular in 3D pokiess as their games feature extensive graphics, animations, video effects and sounds. You can enjoy the arcade like look and various bonus features  in some of its pokiess that offer 6 different kind of bonuses.

3. Lucky 6

Lucky 6 pokies
Lucky 6 pokies

RTP: 95.7%

Software RTG

Lucky 6 video pokiess by RTG is 6 reels and 10 paylines pokies game played by coin value as low as $0.01 up to $0.50. The coin value is multiplied by 10 available bet lines which you can change using up and down arrows. The pokies game comes with bonus games, wilds and colorful graphics. The pot of gold is the highest paying icon, paying up to 5,000 credits per payline.

RTG is by far the most popular pokiess developer on the US market. This brand software develops classic 5 reel video pokies, 6 reel and even 3 D pokies with over 200 machines

4. Break the bank

Break da bank
Break da bank pokies

RTP: 98%

Software Microgaming

Break Da Bank is one of the most popular series of online pokies. It started with the original Break Da Bank, followed by Break Da Bank Again video pokies and finally, the Mega Spin version.

Break da Bank Again Mega Spin is a 5 reel, 9 lines video slot. However, instead of spinning one set of reels, you will be spinning 4 reel sets simultaneously. The minimum bet per spin is $/€ 0.04 and the maximum is $/€ 90

5. Hot Link Pokies

hot link pokies
Hot link pokies

RTP: 97.5%

Software: Microgaming

Developed by Microgaming, this 1024 win ways video slot has one very special feature: after the spin ends, you can choose to respin any reel you like independently for a certain amount of coins. That’s really cool, especially when you have the 2 scatter bonus symbols waiting.

The center of this game is the Hot Ink Tattoo shop and all the symbols are taken from that scenery: tattooed girls, common tattoos and so forth. The logo of the slot is the wild symbol and you have Tattoo Bonus symbol which activates the bonus game and Pieces symbol which triggers the free spins. Beside the re-spins feature, Hot Ink slot offers a two bonus features: Pick me bonus game and free spins. In pick me bonus, called surprisingly Tattoo, you will need to pick three images from the portfolios to win coins. The maximum win here is 122,500 coins.  If the symbols match you will also get 10 free spins.

Then you have the free spins which are triggered by 3 or more Pieces. Here you will be given 20 spins which come with x2 multiplier. The max win here is 100,000.

6. Extreme Heat

Extreme heat pokies
Extreme heat pokies

RTP 97.5%

Software: Microgaming

Extreme Heat pokies machine is part of Microgaming’s Retro Reels series. This is a 5 reel, 30 paylines video pokieswith a special Re-spin feature.

Retro Reels is one of the most successful lines of slot machines developed by Microgaming. A combination of cutting-edge technology with classic, familiar designs and symbols certainly has its charm. What I particularly like about Extreme Heat pokies is that on one hand, it is a simple and straightforward slot, but on the other hand it has a special twist.

Extreme Heat offers only one bonus feature which is the free spins, however, if you get there, the reward can be quit substantial. . To trigger the free spins you will need to get 3 or more Flaming Free Spins symbols anywhere on the reels.  For 3 symbols you will get 10 spins. 4 will give you 15 spins and 5 will be worth 20 free spins. During the bonus rounds, all winnings are multiplied.

This is the best part of this slot machine, at least in my opinion. What it means is that in the end of each spin you can decide to respin one of the reels. Before clicking the Re-spin button, you need to see how much it will cost you to do that and if it’s worth it. If you use this feature wisely, you can generate nice winnings.

You can enjoy other loose pokiess like Doo Wop Daddy O Pokies, At the Copa Pokies, Sugar Pop Pokies, Gold Rush Pokies, After Night Falls Pokies, Safari Slam Pokies, and many others.

All these pokiess can be played online at reputed casinos like, Rich Casino, Superior Casino, House of Jack casino, and others  Now grab the great bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos and enjoy the loose pokiess for some great wins.

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