Guide to get hold on best Nokia mobile in Australia

Best Nokia Phone in Australia

Many of you are nostalgic about Nokia mobile phone that was most prominent phone in the 1990s. But when Nokia was acquired by Microsoft in 2014, the Lumia phones were welcomed with great excitement only for few years. As again in 2016 Nokia transformed its company name to HMD global the present Nokia factory that develops new model of Nokia mobile. HMD Global or Nokia manufactures and sells a wide range of smartphones at both the high and low ends of the market and has even begun rebooting classic Nokia handsets like the 3310.

If you are looking for a new Nokia mobile then here are a list of few things to consider when choosing a Nokia mobile in Australia.

Storage capacity in Nokia phones

The built-in storage included with Nokia’s smartphones varies from phone to phone. At the budget end of the spectrum, models like the Nokia 1 come with just 8GB of onboard storage, while the top-of-the-line Nokia 8 Sirocco is equipped with a hefty 128GB. All Nokia handsets apart from the Nokia 8 Sirocco support external storage via a microSD card slot. This makes adding extra storage relatively cheap and easy. Remember that the only way to go beyond 128GB with the Nokia 8 Sirocco is to use online storage services like Google Drive.

Display Screen

If you want a Nokia phone to play pokies or games or watch your favourite movies then obviously a big display screen makes sense. The only hitch here is that you cannot hold the bigger displays with single hand. Smaller displays on the other hand though don’t require two hands to operate, but can lead to cramped user interfaces and poor visual experiences. In Nokia mobile displays range all the way from a tiny 2.4-inch screen on the rebooted Nokia 3310 up to an expansive 6-inch screen on the Nokia 7 Plus.

Consider your budget

You can get a good Nokia smartphone from $100 to $1000 with loads of features. So one of the choice to get best Nokia mobile also depends on your budget and what you need out of your mobile. Remember that this smartphone for Aussies comes of all budgets, from premium handsets to mid-range, budget and even sub-$100 handsets like the classic 3310. If you prefer staggering out the cost of a smartphone rather than paying it all upfront, you can also find a number of Nokia handsets available on contract through Australian mobile providers.

Headphone jack

Most Nokia handsets still feature the 3,5 mm headphone jack. The latest Nokia 8 Sirocco, requires you to carry around either a USB-C to 3.5mm adaptor or a pair of Bluetooth headphones if you want to get your groove on in peace.

Security options

As most latest smartphones are powered with lots of security features in their operating systems, and Nokia’s handsets are no different. Along with the protection afforded by Android OS, most Nokia phones include a fingerprint sensor for keeping unwanted individuals from brute-forcing their way past your lock screen.

The quality of camera

Don’t be a disheartened here as like other smartphones Nokia doesn’t offer the high quality camera but a decent one. Also the front-facing selfie camera on Nokia’s smartphones is no better than its rear-facing counterpart. The only consolation is the inclusion of a “bothies” feature in the Nokia 8 and Nokia 8 Sirocco that allows for simultaneous capture from both the front- and rear-facing cameras.

Network speed

Using Nokia mobile for internet browsing or online gaming has good network speed as in Australia networks like Telstra and Optus are the best for any smartphone. The modem speed on the other hand is less obvious, and rarely make it onto the bullet-point list of a phone’s standout features. Nevertheless, the speed of a smartphone’s modem dictates just how fast it can send and receive data, potentially bottlenecking even the fastest of mobile networks.

Charging of the Nokia and Battery life

Nokia has been slow to adopt advanced charging technologies, only supporting wireless charging and fast charging with the recent Nokia 8 Sirocco. Other Nokia handsets charge via traditional methods, meaning they can potentially take multiple hours to go from dead to fully charged.

Note that the cheaper models are especially prone to running dry part-way through the day, and because they don’t support quick charging, this means leaving your phone tethered to a power point for an extended chunk of time. Only the Nokia 8 and Nokia 8 Sirocco deliver truly solid battery life, so be sure to factor this in when considering a Nokia smartphone.

Waterproof ratings

These days IP ratings are an increasingly common selling point for modern smartphones. These ratings indicate how shielded a particular handset is against solid and liquid hazards like dust and water. Most Nokia handsets do not feature any official water or dust resistance. Only a few handsets carry an IP rating, and even then the rating typically only guarantees protection against dripping or splashing water.

Now look for all the above features in your Nokia phone and compare which is best for you according to your need and usage.

Which Nokia phone is best?

Nokia phones

The recent Nokia 8 phone is considered the best as it combines quality components and a competitive price into a single attractive package. Its dual-lens 13MP camera array provides aspiring photographers with the tools to take sharp snapshots and record 4K video. A capable Snapdragon 835 processor ensures responsive performance when browsing the web, using apps or playing games. Also a 3090mAh battery outlasts almost all competing handsets of similar specs.

If you want best Nokia phone for photography then Nokia 8 Sirocco is the best one with the rear-facing camera which combines a 12MP wide-angle lens with a 13MP telescopic lens for decent yet unremarkable photos, and the camera app supports quick switching between automatic and pro modes – a handy feature for when the default settings are just slightly off-base.

Though the retail price of Nokia 8 was set to $899 but you can now find this phone even at cheaper rates. Before you search the provider note that not all provide Nokia phones on a contract like the Nokia 1, for instance, can only currently be purchased outright.

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