Slots by Random Salad Games

Pokie Enthusiasts will be happy to find out that they do not need to become a member at an online casino if they want to play a good pokie. When they learn about Slots by Random Salad Games they will have found a game that they can download to their computer or to their mobile device that will allow them to enjoy all of the fun of a pokie without having to risk any real money.

Slots by Random Salad Games

The game offers people a chance to play as many as 7 different slot machines. Players are able to access one machine when they first get this game. As they play, they will unlock more of the slot machines and more of the features of the game. Players are able to attain higher levels through their play. The higher level they get, the more they can play at Slots by Random Salad Games.

Each machine is unique. There are five reel pokies and other machines. Each has a different theme and symbols.

The pokies are only a part of what is offered by Slots by Random Salad Games. There are also 7 different mini games that can be played. The mini games give players a chance to increase their bankroll of coins and their total score as well.

The global leaderboard allows players to see how they stack up against players of the game around the world. It may not be quite the same as hearing the money as it pours out of a pokie, but it is still exciting when you see your username nearing the top of the board.

Players can accumulate coins in several ways.

  • A player is given a bank of coins when they first begin playing the game
  • Players get more coins added to their account daily so they can continue playing. As long as the player comes back on a regular basis, they will get the coins.
  • Players can get coins by winning when they play the pokies. They can also get coins when they play the different mini games that are offered.
  • Players can purchase coins if they want to replenish their bank.

Getting the Game

In order to play the game, it first must be obtained. Fortunately, it is not a difficult process and only requires a few minutes of time before a player can start to enjoy Slots by Random Salad Games. There are a few basic steps that can be followed to get the game on either a traditional computer or a mobile device.

  • Go to the app store, game store or play store for your device. If on a computer that does not use these types of apps, search for the game using any search engine.
  • Once at the app store, search for the game Slots by Random Salad Games.
  • Check the system requirements for the game and make sure your computer or device is compatible.
  • Download the game
  • Open the game
  • Collect your initial coins and begin playing the games of Slots by Random Salad Games.
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