Guide to Play High Limit Pokies at Online Casinos

Guide to play high limit pokies at online casinos

If you have enough money in your pocket to spend at casinos, obviously you look forward to high limit casino games to play online. Also even if you don’t have that much money to spin the reels pokies are those casino games where you can play for as low as 1 cent and as high as $100.  High rollers want to bet more and win big, while in budget players want to spend less and win more. Pokies and casino games are perfect for both type of players, right.

Why you want to play high limit casino games?

Well, the answer that gamers give is simple and very straight forward. You may get to win huge some of money by playing high limit casino games. As you want to win more and you know that pokies games show you the payouts that  are tied to betting limits. Like a penny pokies  game you can bet and play with low stake but on the other hand it also pay you less. So you do not expect to win thousands of dollars if you are spending a single penny per spin: The payout will always match the bet limits. So, playing a $500 top dollar pokies game  will cost much more, that’s for sure, but the rewards will match the cost.  Such a machine can pay tens of thousands of dollars. Players play high limit casino games therefore play because they know such games can make them instant rich.

High limit Casino Games to play at online casinos

Wheel of Fortune

It’s not just the pokies but there are hundreds of casino games to play at online casinos. Online casino are filled with games and each of them has a different minimum bet limit. If you want to play blackjack, for example, you can find a classic game that will cost you $1 per round. However, if you are ready to spend more, you can also find high limit blackjack games, where you need to spend $100 per round.

Same goes for the pokies games but with increased variety: These games can cost as low as 0.1 dollar per spin. So even if you have $10 to spend, you can spin the reels of many pokies games for hours. But it is also possible to find a $100 pokies games, if you can afford it. Such games are high limit games.

How to find high limit casino games to play online?

Carnival Royale

So the next question that pops in your mind is how to find high limit casino games to play online. Finding such casino games is very easy. All you need is to go to games lobby at the online casino where you wish to play and open the game in demo mode and go to help section and find the game paytable. Here you can find the game betting stake and betting limits.

Also find the RTP of the casino games. This is shown with a percentage and determines what your losses will be in the long run. Generally the casino games RTP shouldn’t be less than 95%. If the RTP rate is 95%, for example, this means you will be able to recover $95 of every $100 you invest. So, you will lose a maximum of $5. Since the stakes are high, it would be best to pick high pokies games with high RTP rates and do not settle less than 95%. You can see this information in the paytable of the game, along with the rules and symbol payouts.

You also need to play multiplier pokies games. The majority of high limit pokies games will pay with “coins”. This means each symbol in the game will have a different coin payout, depending on your bet amount. However, there are some pokies that pay with multipliers. When you take a look at the paytable, you will see that the payout values are listed like this: 10x, 20x, 30x, etc. This means there is no fixed payout: These figures will be multiplied with your total bet amount. So, a payout listed as “20x” will mean that your prize will be 20 X total bet. Since you will be wagering high amounts, preferring multiplier casino games is best as you can win much more.

Also some high limit pokies games have “dynamic” paytables. This means in order to get the highest payout, you must play with the maximum bet amount. For example, a symbol can pay 100 coins if you play with the minimum bet, or it can pay 10.000 coins if you play with the maximum bet. Some games, however, have fixed paytables. This means you will get the same prize, no matter what your bet amount is and playing  these games will be the better option and you can increase your playing time by choosing high limit pokies with fixed paytables.

Find progressive jackpot games to play. As in these games bet amounts are also too high so playing progressive jackpot games can be a very good option for you. Their payouts will be really big.

This shows that high limit casino games want bigger wagers and offer bigger prizes. So, the overall chance of winning does not change even if you play a standard casino game. As long as you pick high stakes pokies game with satisfying RTP rates, there will be no difference in terms of payout frequency.

Which is best to play High Limit casino games or Low Limit Games?

As mentioned above high limit casino games pay bigger but less frequently. Low limit casino games  on the other hand, pay less but more often. So if you don’t want to invest more money and don’t want to lose more then low limit casino games are better option in the long run. As such pokies games pay often during the game play.

For those players who are on a budget and having fun is more important they can pick penny pokies knowing that you will never win thousands of dollars as a prize.

But if you really can afford good sum of money to spend at online casino and want to become rich then high limit casino games are the best option.

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