Wanna Check Voice Mail on a Nokia Phone- Try this way!

Nokia phone- voicemail

Do you want to check your voice mail on your Nokia Phone! Are you aware that all Nokia phones have the ability to access the voice mail system of an appropriate wireless carrier! In many cases, wireless carriers provide an activated default mail box for their customers immediately after they sign up for service. Fortunately, the process to check your voice mail on the device is fairly straightforward and is almost identical on most Nokia phones, regardless of their physical design.

How to check voice mail on Nokia

With few easy to do steps you can retrieve your voice mail while you are in your wireless provider’s service area.

First Press the “1” button on the keypad and hold it. This action will automatically dial the Nokia voice mail system.

Follow the system prompts to check your messages. For example, enter your security code — if applicable — and press or tap the appropriate button to save or delete each message after you listen to it.

Now navigate to the voice mail system using the phone’s menu. Press the “Menu” button and choose “Messaging.” Select “Voice Messages,” “Voice Mail,” or “More,” then “Voice Messages.”

Then choose “Listen To Voice Mails,” “Listen To Voice Messages,” or “Listen To Voice Msgs.” Check your messages by following the prompts.

Access the voice mail system from an outside line. Dial your cell phone number from another phone and wait until you hear the voice mail system greeting, then press the “*” key. Enter your security code and listen to your messages.

How to check voice mail on Nokia

Some Advice:

  • A security code can prevent unauthorized access to your voice mail messages.
  • If you don’t remember the security code to enter the voice mail system, contact your mobile service provider.
  • Press the 1 button followed by TALK, or just hold the 1 button down until the automatic dial feature kicks in.
  • Listen to your messages. You can either choose to delete the message by pressing 7, save it to the archives by pressing 9, or replay by pressing 4.

Remember that the voice mailbox service is supplied by your wireless network service provider. If voice mail is not activated on your Nokia phone, contact your provider.

set up your vocie mail

Since voicemail is provided by your carrier and not by your actual phone, you must deal with your mobile service provider to get your voicemail turned off. Once it’s turned off, you won’t be able to receive any voicemail messages at all until you enable the service through your provider again.

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