Do not wish to pick a call- Block it right here- Nokia Windows Phone

Do you own a Nokia Windows Phone? Your mobile phone starts ringing and you rush to pick your phone. But you stop for a while thinking to pick the coming call or not. This often happens when you are not interested in receiving a call from either an irritable customer service person, your girl/boy friend whom you are avoiding. Your ex wife/husband, your business partner whom you have broken up or any one who is harassing you.

Nokia Windows Phone 8 for its Lumia devices has a feature named ‘call + SMS filter’ where you can with an easy simple method filter the calls according to your choice.

Go to your phone settings and first you have to enable the filter and turn it on.

Settings Nokia

In the Settings screen, tap the call + SMS filter option.

call filter screen

By accepting Nokia Terms of Use and Privacy policy in the next screen, you will turn on the call and messages filter.

User agreement screen

(By enabling this feature, you allow Nokia to pre-scan your incoming messages. However, nothing will be sent to Nokia’s server or any third-party websites. If you are not comfortable with that, you can turn off this feature in the next screen.)

When you see the call+SMS filter settings page, go back to the home screen.

In order to block a number from calling you or sending you new messages, open your call log by tapping on the Phone app, long-tap on the number you want to block, and choose block number from the context menu.

History screen

When you see the prompt window, tap OK to confirm that you want to add the selected number to the blocked list.

block number

If the number you want to block is not in the call log but is in your SMS, all you have to do is long-tap on that SMS, and choose block number.

Remove a Number from the Blocked List

Go back to the call+SMS filter inside the Settings section

Tap the blocked numbers button.


Select the number you want to remove from the list, and tap Unblock.


If you want to make few things easy go back to the filter settings area. Selecting ‘Advanced’ will open up some handy options to configure the blocking of withheld numbers automatically, enable/disable the App Live Tile and toggle toast notifications.

live tile

Pinning the Live Tile to your Start screen is a convenient way to monitor what’s being blocked, as well as providing quick access to the settings area.

The only limitation you face is that there is no way to pre-block someone through your contacts until they call or message you first before you start filtering.

Any more things you can do with this filter?

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