Guide to Nokia cameras and Google Lens

Guide to Nokia cameras and Google Lens

Nokia mobiles and phones are well known for their cameras. In 2019 Nokia launched Nokia 9 Pureview which has not one or two but five cameras. These five cameras on the back officially takes the crown for the most rear cameras ever put on a phone.

It’s perhaps the biggest play yet by HMD to invoke the old Nokia, from back before it bought and resurrected brand. While this Nokia 9 PureView may not have the staggering megapixel count Nokia’s phones were known for, it’s certainly a product meant to evoke those glory days. Unlike other multi-camera phones, like the LG V40 or Samsung’s newly announced Galaxy S10, the Nokia 9 PureView uses the same key specs for all five cameras: each one has a 12 megapixel sensor and an f/1.8 lens. But only two of those five cameras shoot in color — the other three are monochrome.

Whenever you press the shutter, all five cameras shoot different exposures at the same time, which then get merged together into a single, ultra-detailed shot. Depending on the scene composition, Nokia says that individual cameras can even shoot multiple exposures on their own to add even more data to the final image. The result  at least in theory is a smartphone camera that offers new levels of detail and color.

As one might have expected from seeing a device with this many cameras, Nokia partnered with Light (makers of the 16-camera L16), making it the first phone that the camera company has contributed to. Nokia is actually employing Light’s Lux Capacitor camera-control chip here to manage the five cameras, since the Snapdragon 845 is only built to handle up to three lenses out of the box (although the company also worked with Qualcomm to optimize the cameras as much as possible with the 845).

Nokia mobile and Google Lens

Nokia mobile and Google Lens

Google Lens lets you connect to the world through your phone in a new way. Google Lens integrates with Google Assistant and lets you look up objects and places through your camera. Note that Google Lens will work on any device with the latest version of Google Photos. Currently, Google Lens can only be used if your device language is set to English.

You can use Google Lens from:

  • Google Photos
  • Google Assistant on most Android phones
  • The Google app on some Android phones, like Pixel

Before you can use Google Lens download and install the Google Lens app.

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app.
  • Select a photo.
  • Tap Google Lens.
  • Depending on your photo, check the details, take an action, or find similar products. 

If you take a photo of:

  • Apparel and home goods: Find similar products and where to buy them. 
  • Barcodes: Use a barcode to find info about a product, like where to buy it.
  • Business card: Save the phone number or address to a contact.
  • Book: Get a summary and read reviews.
  • Event flyer or billboard: Add the event to your calendar.
  • Landmark or building: See historical facts, hours of operation, and more.
  • Painting in a museum: Read about the artist and learn more.
  • Plant or animal: Learn about species and breeds.

Note that to copy text, tap and select the words you’d like to copy.

Nokia mobile and Google Lens

Also you can find info about objects around you with Google Lens

  • On your Android phone, open Lens.
  • With your Google Assistant: Say “Ok Google.” At the bottom right, tap Google Lens.
  • On some Android phones, like Pixel: Open your device’s Google Camera app > More > Google Lens.

If you don’t see the Google Lens icon, Google Lens can’t find info about objects around you on your phone.

Point your camera at an item.

On your screen, tap the item.

To select text, tap a word, then tap it again and drag the blue dots.

Tap Speak .

  • Ask a question or say a command, like:
  • What is this?
  • How tall is this?
  • Add this to Google Keep.
  • Find info about results in image search
  • On your phone or tablet, go to and search for an image.
  • Google Lens in search works only from image search and only on still images.
  • It won’t work for offensive images.
  • Tap an image result.
  • Tap Google Lens.
  • If available, tap a white dot. Otherwise, with your finger or a stylus, circle part of the image.
  • Tap an image result.
  • To leave Lens and return to image search, tap Close.

See & delete your Google Lens activity

To find and delete your Google Lens activity, go to the Lens page on My Activity.  If you don’t want your Google Lens activity saved to your Google Account, turn off Web & App Activity. 

If your phone supports Live Bokeh, you can adjust the focus before and after you take the photo. Also there is Nokia camera app to make basic photo edits from the Camera app, open recently taken photos and tap the edit button.

Nokia smart devices use Pure Android, and the default gallery is Google Photos. All your photos are stored there by default.

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