How to set up your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone?

Nokia Lumia Phones

Since Microsoft has taken over Nokia and released the Lumia Windows phones, most of you must be thinking of having one of these phone devices too. Here you can come to know how to set up your Nokia Lumia phone for the first time. This guide will benefit those who are switching to Nokia Lumia phones and will in easy to step instructions follow for their successful set-up.

When you bring in your new phone you first need to unbox your device. This means you need to open the package or packet or box in which you will find your phone device and a few of its accessories if any that are available for you to fit in your device.

After you unbox your phone, you open the rear cover and you would see slots marked for your SIM card and a Micro SD card.

Slide in your SIM card, ensuring it’s fitted the correct way round and then if you have a MicroSD card on hand to fit, do so now.

Then slot in your battery, again taking care to align the metallic pins and replace the rear cover.

Plug your Lumia into the mains with your power adaptor and give the handset a couple of hours to charge.

Welcome to Windows Phone

You will see the screen above. Tap the get started button to get started

Choose a Language

You will be asked to choose a language. You can slide the list up with a swipe, find your language and highlight it with a tap, then tap next.

Terms of Use

You will come to the screen with a Terms of Use statement – click accept to continue.

Set up your phone

Next, you can choose to have your phone automatically configured with several default settings, or customise each in turn.

These automatic settings cover the enablement of the mobile data connection and sending of phone usage and touch data to Microsoft – insight they use for future versions of the Windows Phone operating system.

Also included in these settings is sending WiFi connection information to locate hotspots and automatic downloads of Windows Phone updates.

If you’re happy to enable these by default, select recommended.  Otherwise, the custom button will allow you to configure each of these settings individually.

Custom Windows Phone Setting

Now go to configure your regional settings. State your country, time zone, date and time. A tick box set will allow you to send your location to Microsoft when the phone is activated.

Set up phone

Next thing is to set the date and time which is often done automatically. You’ll need to swipe your way to the current date and time. Select the tick button when it’s correct.

Choose Date

Keep Your Life Sync

You may well be using Microsoft’s unified online account system if you’re using Windows 8, or one of Microsoft’s online services – a couple of benefits of using a Microsoft account to call out: firstly, your online contacts and instant messaging friends will be pushed straight into the phone, without the need for any transfer cables.

Secondly, you can take advantage of Microsoft’s free 7GB cloud storage SkyDrive account allowing you access to your files and folders on the handset and automatically upload photos you take to your SkyDrive account.

Once uploaded and make sure you have a suitable data contract before you switch this on, your photos will be available on all of your SkyDrive-enabled devices similar to the functionality you’ll find with Dropbox which is all free here.

Sign with microsoft account

Sign in, or set up a Microsoft account, and you’re all set to continue.

Setting up your phone

The handset will be kept busy for a short while installing applications and getting them configured.

Almost Done

Thankyou for choosing Nokia

Before your configuration is complete, you’ll be invited to join Nokia’s Improvement Program and once completing setup, your all-new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone is ready for your use.

Now enjoy all the New Nokia Lumia and share the experience.

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