Nokia 2 Smartphone- Understand it’s brilliant features like browsing, multitasking, playing games and more.

Nokia 2 Smartphone

Nokia 2 is the ultimate budget Nokia Android smartphone  that come with an Aluminium frame and polycarbonate body and have excellent build quality for a low-end smartphone.  Nokia 2 has a removable frame that gives it flexibility and is a low-end smartphone that come with one of the best displays for price range.  This 5-inch Android Nougat smartphone with a 4,100mAh battery built using a single block of aluminum and Gorilla Glass 3 was launched in November 2017 and costs $115 (at the time of writing).

With good color reproduction, sunlight readability, wide viewing angles here find some of the brilliant features of this smartphone.

Nokia 2, being the ultimate budget Nokia smartphone, is best for normal daily usage to moderately heavy usage scenario. This means one may be browsing with lots of tabs, playing heavy games and multitasking with many tabs, games, and apps open in the background.

As Nokia 2 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 processor and mates it with just 1 GB RAM. It comes running Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box.

The spec is certainly middle-of-the-road in terms of performance, but it allows HMD to focus on two key selling points: price and battery life. That 4,100mAh battery allows the Nokia 2 to run for two days before requiring a charge.

You can perform Multitasking easily play pokies games or other mobile games like Subway surfer, Clash of Clans & Dr. Driving, open five browser tabs simultaneously, YouTube video streaming and many other apps open in the background it will handle everything without any apps/games crashing or exiting. Your  apps/games resume fine from background during multitasking making it a true smartphone.

To play Pokies games is one of choice for Nokia users and gaming remains enjoyable on Nokia 2 and you would love the volume output and the performance of the phone remains good.

With many browser tabs open it always seems that Nokia 2 can handle even more. Pages load fine and zooming, panning, tab changing all are satisfactory.

Nokia 2 comes with a 8MP camera on the back and an 5MP shooter at the front.  Nokia 2 rear camera has auto focus but the front camera is a fixed-focus one and you can blame that on the ultra-budget status of Nokia 2. Front camera however is a fixed-focus camera with its limitations and also adds some saturation in the images that you may like or dislike depending upon your preferences.

Nokia 2 rear camera captures acceptable amount of details and keeps colors natural without adding any additional saturation. The theme of keeping it natural is common across all the Nokia smartphones it seems. Rear camera is the one especially that will give you some pleasant moments with capturing natural colors with good enough details and without much artificial sharpening. While other Nokias do come with more capable cameras if you want to go for Nokia 2 the rear camera won’t disappoint as a quick point and shoot camera.

It surprisingly captures good macros and “Panorama” images just like its elder siblings. Even the low-light imaging is not bad and in fact you can capture some good low-light images with Nokia 2.

Video capture is however limited to 720p and uses algorithms to smoothen some movements in absence of OIS. It is again satisfactory for a budget device like Nokia 2.

If you have a scene with sufficient artificial illumination Nokia 2 can still capture acceptable images without flash. The flash is just sufficient to illuminate close objects. Coming to video capture, you can again capture acceptable quality 720p video with Nokia 2 rear camera. While there is no OIS (which is usually the case on a low-end device) the camera algorithm smoothens some of the movements indicating some software stabilization in the background. Color accuracy and captured details remain satisfactory.

Considering the Nokia 2 battery it certainly has an edge here but more in the standby time. If you are a heavy user you can fetch 4-6 hrs more battery life on Nokia 2 smartphone.

HMD has promised 2 years of Android OS update support for all of its Android smartphones and that includes the 1GB RAM Nokia 2 too and HMD has gone ahead and revealed its plan to bring Android Oreo to Nokia 2.

Nokia 2 retails for around $115 so comes under the budget phone with three color options: Pewter/Black, Pewter/White, and Copper/Black.

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