Screenshot in Nokia – Try this way

Lumia 520 is a smartphone developed by Nokia with Windows OS. Coming in a 4-inch screen and equipped with a 1 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor and 512MB of RAM, it increased the market base for windows mobiles. The ability to capture screenshots is one of the most welcoming features in Windows Operating Systems. Capturing the screen will come in handy in many situations. They will help you in reporting issues you are facing with an application or depict the step-by-step procedure required to accomplish a task on your smartphone. Also, you can share the high scores you have made in your favourite games with your friends on social media.
Let us see in simple steps how to take screenshots from Nokia Lumia 520.

For Lumia 520 Windows OS 8.0 follow the steps below

Nokia Lumia
  • Navigate to the screen that you want to capture as a screenshot. Press and hold both power and start buttons at the same time.
  • You will hear the sound of a photo being clicked and could see that the screen flashes.
  • The screenshot that you have captured will be stored in the Photos.
  • Close the app and go to Photos > albums > Screenshots. You can see the screenshot captured (which is automatically saved).

For Lumia 520 on Windows 8.1, follow the below steps

  • Head over to the screen that you want to capture as an image on your device.
  • Press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons at the same time to capture whatever is currently on your screen.(Please do remember that timing is the most important thing while capturing a screenshot. Be patient if you are not getting it right. Practice it few times.)
  • You will hear a sound similar to that of camera shutter.
  • The captured screenshot will be stored in your device in the following location. The path to find your screenshots is Photos > albums > Screenshots.
  • Share the captured screenshot.
  • Tap and hold the captured screenshot that you want to share with your friends, and then tap on share option.

Screenshot with your PC

  • Connect your Lumia 520 to PC, after installing Nokia PC Suite, which can be downloaded from Nokia website for free.
  • Select and Navigate your phone through PC suite and with the help of indigenous windows methods like snipping tool or prt-sc capture the entire screen or part of the phone screen you want to capture and save it to the location you need.
  • You need to copy the image to your mobile phone if you want to have the screenshot in your mobile. This method will be very useful when you want to take screenshots of your mobile in your PC.
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