How to send emails and attachments from your Nokia Lumia 630

Nokia Lumia 630

Nokia Lumia 630 has been the best phone both in display and features.  With ClearBlack Nokia‚Äôs dual-layer polarizer technology found on the 6xx devices and higher makes Lumia 630 a more vibrant and wonderful phone. In the guide series of Nokia phones here you will come to know how to send emails and attachments from your Nokia Lumia 630.

The Nokia Lumia 630 is great for email. It will support POP, IMAP and Exchange account types, and the setup is simple for most accounts.

To send an email, you must have already set up an email account on your Nokia Lumia. If you haven’t added your account yet, you need to set up one and add an email account.

To set up your email go to the home screen, swipe right-to-left to get to your apps list, and then follow the steps below:

  • Scroll down and tap on Settings.
  • Tap on email+accounts.
  • Tap add an account.
  • From the list, find your account type and tap on it.
Nokia Lumia 630
  • Tap on the email address and password boxes in turn to enter the information requested. You can check the password by ticking the box before you tap sign in to continue.
  • When the setup is complete, you will see the account listed on the screen.
  • Tap the Windows button at the bottom of the handset to return to the home screen, and you will see each mail account has its inbox icon.

How to see and compose an email

To see your emails, tap the Email icon on the home screen, or in the Apps list.

When you can see your email inbox, tap the compose button. This is a plus sign at the bottom of the email inbox screen.

Tap into the To line to select the intended recipient. Start to type their name using the keyboard, and any matching contacts will appear. Tap on the correct contact to add them to the recipient list.

Enter a Subject for your email by tapping on that line and entering it via the keyboard.

Now that you’ve set it up, type your message by tapping into the main window. If you just want to send a text email, then you can send it by tapping the envelope icon on the menu bar at the bottom.

Nokia Lumia 630 email

To add an attachment, tap the paper clip on the menu bar. When the menu opens, navigate through your files by using the on-screen menu to find the item you want, and tap it to select it. When you’ve made your selections, tap the tick.

Add further attachments if you wish, and compose your message. To send, tap the envelope.

To move or delete items from your inbox, tap the file menu button at the bottom (three lines).

Tick the items you wish to move, then tap the bin to delete them, or the folder icon to move them to an alternative folder. In this way, you can send an emails and attach files that you wish to send in your Nokia Lumia 630

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