The Nokia X And The Apps

Nokia X has an inbuilt store powered by Nokia instead of Google Play Store. It allows third-party stores to include themselves via apps.  Here you will learn to install, reinstall and update Apps with Nokia X Store.

 Install the Apps

  • Tap on the Store Tile and it will launch the in-built store with loads of app for you to install.
  • On top of the store, go to search box. Find the app which you are looking for.
  • When you find an app, hit download and it will install the apps right away.
  • Nokia X store delivers updates for the apps you install via them.
  • You will see notifications on your lock screen and when you are within the store. There is small icon to the right of the search box which will have a number attached when an update is available. Tap on it and it will show you the list of the apps that need an update along with apps which you have already installed.

Reinstall Apps after Reset

Tap the small icon to the right of the search box in the store.
In the next screen, scroll down and you will find an option which asks you sign-in as in Google Play, Nokia X Store asks Nokia Account or a Live Account or your Facebook account.

Third Party Store in Nokia

Install Apps from Third Party Store

When an app you are looking for is not available in the Nokia store, it will display a third party store like 1MobileStore, Yandex  and so on. These stores are like apps which needs to get installed on your phone. The installation process is simple and once it is complete, launch and search for that app in those stores.

Third Party App

Install Apps from SD Card

Installing apps from SD card; copy the APK to SD card by connecting to a PC and choosing mass storage mode. Now use the file explorer app to find where it’s installed and launch it. When you do that, you may get a warning. Make sure you have enabled the “Install from Untrusted Sources”. Once it’s enabled, it will install the app.

Apps Install

Uninstall Apps from Nokia X

First Long press on any app on your start screen. This will make the app icon floating and will enable two controls. One is the X icon which is top left while other is app re sizer with an arrow pointed to down-left.  Use the X icon to uninstall app. You will have to confirm before completely uninstalling the app.

Create Folders to Manage Apps

Like other Android phones, there is no App Drawer on Nokia X.  All the apps which you install are available right on the start screen. Nokia X allows you create folders so you can club similar apps together.

Folder App

  • Long press an App
  • Right at the bottom of the screen, a new menu will appear with two icons. One lets you create folder while other is for widget. Tap on the first one.
  • Give a name to the folder.
  • Next move any number of apps by dragging and then dropping into that folder.
  • To remove them from the folder, just drag the apps with a long press when you are inside that folder.

Any other experience you wish to share for Nokia X?

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