The Nokia 3310- Will ever it come to Australia

Nokia 3310


Few months back at the Mobile World Congress 2017 Nokia announced its new phone the Nokia 3310. But this new phone will be a 2G phone and will be good for use in regions still catering to 2G networks. To explain a 2G technology you may just refer it to the GSM standard. It was introduced back in the 90s where it was tasked to digitalize transmissions. While it can still account for calls and text messages, there are some features that could be affected. With that in mind Asia is the region where Nokia 3310 can be used more of as it looks like HMD Global did not design the Nokia 3310 for use in North America, Australia or even Europe, all because of fast-paced technology.

In USA AT&T and T-Mobile do offer 2G GSM service though compatibility but the technology is expected to be dismantled soon. Canada is no good as well, seeing no carriers offer support for 900 and 1800 MHz standards.


Again it would be best to reiterate that HMD Global had intended the Nokia 3310 for developing countries. It does cost only about $50 but there was an obvious catch.

With a whopping four weeks of battery life it boasts an impressive 22 hours of talk-time and will last a month on standby in-between charges. This makes it a solid emergency phone for the glove box.

Described as thin, light and incredibly durable, the Nokia 3310 has been reborn with a head turning, modern twist on one of the best-selling feature phones of all time. The Nokia 3310 is available in four distinctive colours – Warm Red and Yellow, both with a gloss finish, and Dark Blue and Grey both with a matte finish.

Nokia also announced the return of the classic mobile game Snake – which you can play on Facebook Messenger right now by going to Instant Games. If you never played the original, it involves moving a snake around a 2D screen, eating apples and bugs along the way to score points. The more the snake eats, the longer it grows, making it more challenging to control.
Nokia 3310

Things you can do with Nokia 3310 phone

  • You can make phone calls. HMD claims the battery of the new 3310 offers about 22 hours of active use and about 744 hours (nearly a month) on stand-by.
  • You can send send and receive SMS.
  • You can take photos and videos but on low quality compromise as the camera is 2 MP with a LED flash.
  • You can listen to radio FM. Also listen to your own music as the 33110 has a built-in MP3 player, so you can buy a cheap microSD card and add your music library it. The 3310 also supports regular headphones with a 3.5mm jack and wireless via Bluetooth 3.0, and the battery is supposed to last 51 hours while playing music.
  • You can also check your calendar, set up an alarm to wake you up, know the city weather and use a calculator
  • Make voice notes and written notes and it involves using its keyboard
  • You can play games as there a few games installed on the phone, including a new version of Snake.
  • Also browse the web as the 3310 comes with a version of Opera browser which is slow because it only has support for 2.5G mobile networks. Remember you cannot navigate the GPS or neither use or have any social apps.

Nokia 3310

Though Nokia has not confirmed whether the Nokia 3310 will be make it to Australian market. (at the time of writing) If it does, the impending 2G switch-off may hamper its lifespan somewhat.

According to Nokia “We will start roll it out in Q2 to markets where a 2.5G device is demanded by our customers and consumers. We just announced it in MWC and we haven’t shared our plans for individual markets.” Till further announcement stay tuned to know the latest. Also you can get the handset at online stores and try hands on it.

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