Powerful and small Let you do it all- Nokia Lumia 635

nokia lumia 635

Powered by the new Windows Phone 8.1 operating system and an advanced quad-core processor, the Lumia 635 delivers blazing-fast 4G LTE speeds for a superior experience at an affordable price.

The Lumia 635 is priced at £139 ($238), in the UK. In Australia, the Lumia 635 has an RRP of AU$279, although Telstra is offering it for AU$240 and, of course, there are multiple carrier plans available. It also sells in the US through T-Mobile and MetroPCS, for about $170 full retail.

The Design

Like all of Nokia’s Lumia phones, the 635 has a plastic, colourful body. The colour comes from the back panels, which curve around the body to meet the display, rather like the  Phone 5 C. It comes in bright green, luminous yellow, orange or black and the covers are removable, allowing you to swap them out when you fancy a change or to just replace an old case.

The plastic is sturdy and easily capable of taking a few knocks and bumps, while the toughened Gorilla Glass 3 will prevent the glass front from getting too many scratches from keys in your pocket. It has 8GB of storage as standard, but there’s a microSD card slot for you to keep your music, photos and videos on.

The 4.5-inch screen has an 854×480-pixel resolution, Text and images are adequate for tweeting and Facebook stalking. It’s quite bright too and has decent colours. If you want to get the most from your Netflix shows, consider opting for a higher-resolution display.

Windows Phone 8

The 635 Lumia runs the latest Windows Phone 8.1 software, made up of colourful live tiles scattered on a scrolling home screen. Windows Phone is a good platform for smartphone beginners. Its downside is that the app store is still quite poorly stocked. Big names like Netflix, Spotify and Skype are present, but it nearly always receives new apps long after iOS or Android. If you’re into mobile gaming and checking out the latest app store releases, Windows Phone will not suit.

Nokia has loaded some of its software on board, including its Here Drive app, which gives turn-by-turn GPS satellite navigation, Here Transit, which provides local information about public transport, including live departures, and Nokia MixRadio, which lets you listen to organized music playlists for free.

Battery Life and Performance

The Lumia 635 has a 1,830mAh battery and a 1.2GHz quad-core processor. The network strength of the phone varies by city and the Lumia 635’s Category 3 LTE modem is going to be less capable than the Category 4 modem as in other phones.

The call quality for the Lumia 635 sounds clear, but since call quality depends on the network, location, and many other factors, you might experience different results.


On the back of the phone is a 5-megapixel camera,  which is capable of capturing adequate photos.

Nokia Lumia 635 comes at an affordable price and with a fun and colourful design, it makes a decent choice for a 4G on a budget.

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Powerful and small Let you do it all- Nokia Lumia 635, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating