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People that do not want a phone that works with an Android or the IOS operating system used to think they were out of luck. Tanks to the phones from Microsoft and Nokia, there is an option available. The Nokia Lumia 532 is a phone that uses a windows operating system.

It has plenty to offer all that choose it. In many cases it is a much more powerful phone than people expect, especially for the price. In order to know whether this is the right phone to choose, it is best to look at what it has to offer. The specs of the phone, the features of the phone and the cost of the phone will all play a role in why people would want to choose it.

The Phone Specs

The phone relies upon the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system. For many people familiar with the Windows operating system for computers, the phone is very similar. It includes a quad core Snapdragon processor which is powerful enough to handle most of the needs of smartphone users.

The 1.2 GHz speed and the 8 GB of internal memory are also very helpful. The memory can be expanded to 128 GB with the addition of a micro SD card. That is a lot more memory than most other cards and the SD card storage makes it easy to change out cards or to transfer all of the things that are stored on it to another computer.

The phone has a 4 inch screen and a resolution of 800 X 480. While this may be smaller than the giant screens that some phones offer, it is a good size for most smartphone users. The phone has a 5 MP main camera that is fixed focus and a .3 MP front facing BGA camera.

It is not the best camera, but it is adequate for what most people need. The 1560 mAh battery offers 22 days of standby time, 21 hours of talk time on a 2G network or 12 hours of talk time on a 3G network. It can provide 7 hours of video playback, 12 hours of Wi-Fi data or 61 hours of music playback without having to be recharged.

The Features

The phone offers plenty of different features. It supports skype for people that want to engage in video calls. The phone also offers 30 GB of storage in Microsoft OneDrive. The phone offers GPS maps and navigation that provides turn by turn voice directions.

The phone offers accessibility options for hearing, visibility and for voice commands. There are plenty of tools and other features for people to take advantage of. Since it is based on the Windows operating system, it is able to provide many functions that phones using other operating systems are not capable of.

The Nokia Lumia 532 is a much lower priced phone than many other smartphones. It can typically be bought for under $150. It is a phone that has plenty of battery power and s built with environmentally friendly products. While it is still prone to damage in the same way as other phones, the lower costs makes it less risky to own. Most people will be very happy with this phone as their primary phone.

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